The Link

Goodwill Projects partnered with the Coronation Drive Office Park (CDOP) to provide market services for The Link, its newly developed, natural environment space.

The Link is a vibrant and natural environment in the heart of Milton which fosters collaboration and community as one of the fundamental and existing aspect of the CDOP’s evolution. The space accommodates pedestrian and cyclist access, and expanded its prospects to offering the public a different lunch option, every day of the week.

Goodwill projects provided:

  • Curation of a variety of quality stallholders
  • Liaising management of stallholders
  • Bump in and bump out – on site management

The Brief

The brief was to curate daily stallholders which will appeal to the 3,500 employees and locals in the area.

The Solution

Goodwill Projects on a daily basis provides The Link Markets rotating options of stallholders and food trucks to be located on the new Link precedent.