State of Origin III Party - Private corporate function.

Working in partnership with Aether Brewing, Salt Meat Cheese and Night Life, Goodwill projects transformed the location into a private corporate function celebrating the State of Origin Game Three.

The State of Origin game three saw an attendance of over 53,000 patrons attend Suncorp stadium in Brisbane. The activation was in place to create a themed pit stop for game attendees to grab a gourmet pizza and beer before the game.

Goodwill Projects Provided

  • Site design and production
  • Concept development
  • Production, site styling and direction

The Brief

The brief was to produce a pop up themed pit stop for game attendees to stop at and enjoy food and beverages before continuing their walk to Suncorp Stadium. The project required the pop up to be themed with State of origin colours and to be executed to a high standard.

The Solution

To achieve a desirable pit stop for game attendees, Goodwill projects was able to theme the location with Maroon colours and bring together some of Brisbane’s best pre-game food and beverage businesses such as Aether Brewing and Salt Meat Cheese. Night life, a Brisbane entertainment company was also present, providing a television, sound and themed lighting.